Top Rated Fuzzy Logic Rice Cookers

by Alycee on February 13, 2015

They say, a smart buyer doesn’t look at the price alone; the functionality and overall quality also matters. If you want to be smart when it comes to rice cookers, fuzzy logic rice cookers are the best picks. Why? It’s simply because they do more than the ordinary rice cooker. Think of it as the intelligent version. Instead of just an on/off switch, fuzzy logic rice cookers have a micro-computer that regulates time and temperature according to the type of rice you’re cooking. The best of all, you can get soft and fluffy rice down to the last grain.

Here are our top rated fuzzy logic rice cookers that worth your money.

Best Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker to Buy

The Panasonic SR-DE103 Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker may be cheap in price but not in quality. If you have a family of three to six and value tasty rice for your meals, this cooker must be on your kitchen counter. It’s convenient, especially when you have other chores to do as it just shuts off when the cooking is done. There’s more you can do with it, such as cooking porridges, steaming, slow-cooking, and baking cake! It may sound unbelievable, but customers have already raved about how good this cooker bake cake.

Top rated Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker

If you really want top-rated fuzzy logic rice cooker that’s worth every penny you spend for it, the Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker musn’t be ignored. It has received top ratings from Cook’s Illustrated and Consumer Reports, and it’s not difficult to see why.

You can cook any type of rice in this cooker — from white rice to brown rice, yellow rice, black rice, and even suchi rice — and it comes out tasty every time. Even if you mess up with the water measurement, you’d still have the same softness and plumpness. If you’re no fan of brown rice because of its texture and taste, you’d change your mind once you try cooking it in the Zojirushi Neuro fuzzy rice cooker. It tastes much like white rice, only a little bit nuttier. You can also cook porridge in it.

Another great thing about the Zojirushi Neuro fuzzy rice cooker is its versatile features. With a lot of them, it’s still easy to use because the display panel is designed so well. There’s also a reset button in case you push the wrong one.

Best Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker Under $100

Sometimes, high quality doesn’t always go with high price, and the Rosewill RHRC-13001 Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker and Food Steamer is a proof. It’s almost impossible to get a great rice cooker that’s tagged with a price below $100.

For someone who has no time (or doesn’t like at all) to cook, this rice cooker from Rosewill will be of great help. You have the preset time and quick button if you’re running out of time to have a meal. You can also cook porridge, cake and soup in it. It is also smartly designed for convenience and appearance on the kitchen counter.

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