Best Vacuum Cleaners for Home Use

by Alycee on February 13, 2015

Cleaning is perhaps the most dreaded chore of the day, but it must be done no matter what if you want to a have a house comfortable to live in. To do the job right, why not invest in the best vacuum? If you’ve got carpet all over the house, you cannot clean with just a broom or pick dust and pet hair with your bare hands. Here are our top picks for the job.


Best Compact Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson DC50 Upright Vacuum Cleaner does a great job on both short- and long-pile carpets. It even does great on wooden floors. What’s even more impressive about this upright vacuum cleaner is that it is mounted on a ball, which makes it easier for you to manoeuvre the thing. It weighs light, too, at only 5.4kg. Its cleaning head is self-adjusting, making it maintain constant suction and get even in the tightest spaces.


Best Vacuum Cleaners for Allergies

If you want to combine good looks and vacuum cleaner, the Sebo Premium Rosso Upright Vacuum is a great pick. It has a gleaming ruby-red design and stands fantastic with that slimline look. It glides effortlessly along carpets and even on wooden floors. It’s lightweight and easy to steer around fixtures, thanks to its flexible neck. Its L-shaped head can even clean up edges.

The  Sebo Premium Rosso Upright Vacuum has four settings on the power head that correspond to different types of carpet you’re cleaning. If your setting is right for the carpet, the light turns green. There is also the variable speed of suction instead of just an on/off switch. This will help you control the level of suction, especially if you have more delicate things to clean, such as rugs.


Best Canister Vacuum for Pet Hair

They’re cuddly and cute, and you love them like they’re your best friends, but when it comes down to grooming, pets are one cause of a messy house. Pet hair can be everywhere — on the carpet, on your hardwood/tiled floors, on the sofa, and even on the black pants you’re wearing right now. While many vacuum brands advertise that their machines work wonders on pet fur, only a handful can actually do as advertised, and Miele S8380 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum does not disappoint. With its Active Air Clean filter, which features 12-stage AirClean Sealed System, no single fur can escape. It also comes with a powered floor and upholstery brushes that make picking everything so simple. It’s not cheap, but you will definitely be seeing ” buy quality now, save money over time” come to realization.

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